Local Body Tax Related Services

Local Body Tax Related Services

Local Body Tax (LBT) is a tax on entry of goods within municipal limits. LBT has been introduced in place of Octroi. It is applicable in the state of maharashtra at all the places where Municipal Corporation is there. LBT is governed by provisions of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 and Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation (Local Body Tax) Rules, 2010 (LBT Rules). Rates of LBT are given in Schedule A and vary from city to city. Schedule B provides list of goods which are exempt from LBT. All dealers whose turnover of sales / purchases exceeds the threshold limit need to obtain registration. We provide following services related to LBT.

  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Consultation & Compliances
  • Appeal, Assessment, Refund Assistance
  • Record Keeping
  • Composition Scheme Assistance


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