Company Incorporation in Nashik

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Company Registration in Nashik

MAAC & Associates can provide you services for registration of private limited company / Limited liability partnership / public limited company in Nashik. Please provide your details CLICK here to initiate your Private/Public Limited Company or Limited Liability partnership registration process in Nashik.

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Procedure for Company Registration in Nashik

1. Document Requirements : Every proposed Director must have PAN Card as an Identity proof , one address proof and two recent passport size photos. Duly self attested copies of PAN Card & address proof are required.

2. Application of DIN & Digital Signature : Once all the required documents are received & verified, we proceed for application of DIN and Digital Signature. In case you already have DIN then one can directly go for Name availability search.

3. Name Availability Search : A Name Search is conducted for the proposed name of the Company to make sure that there is no identical or similar LLP/Company already registered in India or for which an application for registration has been submitted. Some time a special attention is also required to trademark registry. Click here to see naming Guidelines

4. Name Application : After approval of all the DIN, application will be made to the concerned RoC to ascertain the availability of name in eForm by logging into the portal. and after the name is approved the application for registration of the new company by filing the required eforms is to be done within 60 days of name approval.

5. Filing of Incorporation documents : All the relevant documents will be prepared along with eforms, Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) required for the company incorporation and will be filed with the authorities after payment of requisite filing and registration fees.

6. Final Process : After processing of the Form is complete, Corporate Identity is generated & Certificate of Incorporation is received from RoC. We will provide you a file containing all documentation made for Company formation along with DIN papers and Digital Signatures.

7. Long Term Relationship : We look forward to a very long term relationship with all our Clients. We provide all kinds of recurring compliance services required by the Company in the form of Annual Return filing and various Event Based Compliances.

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