Director Identification Number

DIN (Director Identification Number)

01. What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

The Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) has launched a major e-Governance initiative ‘MCA 21’. It envisages efiling of all documents related to company matters on the MCA portal. Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique identification number for an existing director or a person intending to become the director of a company.

02. Are there any eligibility criteria for applying for DIN?

Any individual who is a director or intends to be a director of a company should apply for DIN.

03. What is the procedure to apply for DIN?

Visit the MCA portal( and fill the DIN application, available on the link ‘Apply for DIN’ online. On submission of the application, a ‘Provisional DIN’ is generated by the system and is displayed on the screen.

04. Can I use the Provisional DIN?

Yes. As of now, the provisional DIN can be used for efiling until the DIN is approved and activated by the MCA DIN Cell.


06. Can I enquire the status of my DIN application ?

Yes. You can check the status using the 'Enquire DIN Approval Status' option available under the 'Director Identification Number' link on the home page of the MCA portal (

07. Can PAN be used as an alternative to DIN?

No. DIN is mandatory for all Directors. PAN cannot be used in place of DIN.

08. What are the charges for applying for DIN?

Currently a Fees of Rs.500 should be paid while applying for DIN.

09. Is DIN mandatory for directors of Indian Companies who are not citizens of India?


10. Is DIN mandatory for directors of foreign company having branch offices in India?


11. Should all the directors of a company obtain DIN?

Yes, all directors must obtain DIN.

12. Are multiple DINs are required for persons holding multiple directorships?

No. A single DIN is required for an individual, irrespective of the number of directorships held by him/her. All the directorships of an individual would be mapped in the database through that DIN.

13. Is a digital signature certificate (DSC) a pre-requisite to apply for DIN?

No. However, all the directors who are authorized signatories for efiling of documents should obtain a Digital Signature immediately.

14. I have submitted the DIN application form on the MCA Portal, but forgot to save/ print the same. What should I do?

You need to go to the 'Get DIN Application' link available under the 'Director Identification Number' link on the home page of the MCA portal. You can download a copy of your DIN application form by mentioning the Provisional DIN (if available), name and date of birth of the director. This form will be equivalent to the form you obtained when you submitted the original DIN application.

15. I have given some incorrect information while submitting the DIN Application Form. What should I do?

You need to submit a fresh DIN Application Form. The system would display a warning for a Potential Duplicate. Please accept the same and proceed further. Please ensure that the physical documents attached pertain to the correct application.

16. Can the details submitted while applying for DIN be updated/ modified at a future date?

Yes. This facility is being considered and will be made available shortly.

17. Can the Company Secretary in employment attest the documents to be submitted with the DIN Application Form?


18. Will a confirmation be sent to me to the effect that the MCA DIN Cell has received physical documents sent by me?

You may check the status of your DIN Application under the link "Enquire DIN" on the MCA Portal.

19. What is the time frame within which existing directors are required to obtain a DIN?

It is envisaged that DIN must be obtained by all existing directors. However, the last date by which it should be obtained is to be notified. It is advisable to obtain the DIN immediately as DIN is mandatory for filing certain eforms.

20. Is a director required to surrender his/ her DIN on vacating the office as director?


21. How can the companies communicate the DIN of its directors to MCA?

All companies will be directed by MCA to file a new Form containing details of DINs of all directors. As a special case, no filing fee will be payable by the Companies for this purpose.

22. Who shall attest the DIN application of the director residing outside India?

In respect of Indian citizens residing abroad, foreign nationals residing in India and foreign nationals residing outside India; the attestation/ certification of the proof of identification and address can be done by a notary in the home country of the applicant or the Managing Director/ CEO of the Company on which he/ she is a Director or the Company Secretary in full time employment of the Comp

23. How do I know the reason for rejection of my DIN application?

Check the status through Enquire DIN. In case the status is 'Rejected', click on it to view the reason for rejection.

24. The MCA DIN cell has rejected the DIN application filed by me. Do I need to apply for DIN again?

In case the DIN has been rejected for such reason(s), which do not require change in the details filled in the earlier DIN form, then you can download a copy of your DIN form through the 'Get DIN Application' link available under the 'Director Identification Number' link on the home page of the MCA portal.

25. Can I view a demo on the DIN Application?

Yes, you can view the demo through the 'Computer Based Training' link available on the homepage of the portal.

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