Office Automation Service

Office Automation Service

Office automation simply means putting ordinary office matters in an auto-pilot mode. This arrangement makes work less monotonous and more importantly saves your precious hours. It includes startup services for business, set-up & closure procedure of business. We undertake following functions related to office automation.

  • Designing Organizational Chart & line of authority
  • Designing & implementing work profile, attendance system, leave management for office employees
  • Designing & implementing workflow charts
  • Designing & implementing Internal office communications and scheduling meetings
  • Designing & implementing inventory management system
  • Designing & implementing office record keeping and filing system
  • Organising Accounts department, Implementing tally features
  • Designing & implementing Data management, security, backup & mobility
  • Designing & implementing office work assignment calendars with automated SMS and reminders
  • Customization of Tally software for Invoicing, Management Dashboard
  • Department wise training to office staff of their roles and responsibilities
  • Design and implementation of maker checker system wherever possible
  • Design and implementation of Internal Control
  • Use of Internet & Computer Applications in Business

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